• Multinuclear, high resolution NMR-Spectroscopy, liquid and HR-MAS (soft materials).
  • Large number of homo- and heteronuclear 1D-experiments for solving personalized and demanding structural problems.
  • Highly efficient homo- und heteronuclear 2D-correlation experiments with gradient selection, inverse Proton- and Echo/Antiecho-Detection for achieving the highest sensitivity.
  • NMR-measurements at high/low temperature (-80°C to + 100°C).
  • Use of modern processing methods included simulation and interpretation.



  • NMR characterization of soluble (high resolution) and soft materials (HR-MAS).
  • Purity determination.
  • Quantitative determination of the single components in mixtures, reaction outputs and extracts.
  • Detailed structural determination and/or verification (constitution, configuration, conformation, dynamic).
  • Customer-oriented methodological development.