Solid State Chemistry


  • Powder X-ray diffraction (Cu Kα1) in transmission and reflection geometry with linear, position-sensitive, and image-plate detectors between -170 and 950°C
  • Scanning electron microscopy (Zeiss Gemini 450) with detectors for SE, BSE, InLens, ESB, and STEM, 3D images (TOPO, COMPO), and elemental analysis (EDS)
  • Thermal gravimetry (TG, SDTA) between 50 and 1100°C
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) between -150 and 700°C



  • Investigation of powder samples by X-ray diffraction:
    indexing, lattice parameters, structure refinement (Rietveld), analysis of mixed phases, thermal expansion, phase transitions
  • Electron microscopy:
    SEM pictures, phase analysis, elemental distribution, surface topology
  • Thermal analysis:
    melting points, phase transitions, decomposition temperatures