At the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences three different study programs are offered - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemistry and Molecular Sciences as well as Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Chemistry and Biochemistry deal with the molecular fundamentals of our world and environment. Nowadays – and taking into account many other disciplines like Physics, Medicine, Environmental Science -  most of the latest discoveries and developments happen at the chemical molecular level. An education in Chemistry or Biochemistry at tertiary level leads to a variety of possible careers in the public and private sector and, in Switzerland especially in Pharmaceuticals, Environment and Analytics. The DCBP conducts internationally recognized research in nanotechnology, chemical biology and biochemistry.

Pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences build the bridge between human medicine and natural sciences, especially in chemistry, biochemistry and biology. They study the influence of therapeutic agents on the complex (patho-)physiological process in humans, new drugs and their application options as well as new therapy concepts.

You can find more information on the different degree programs in the section "study programs".

The study program for chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacy students is more or less the same during the first year. Therefore, a change of study program within the bachelor programs in chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacy is possible after the first year without any restrictions. However, when changing to pharmacy, please note that you still have to complete the "Famulatur" and you have to attend the lecture "Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Sciences" from the first year. That is why it is recommended for students that think about a change of subjects from chemistry/biochemistry to pharmacy at an early stage, to attend the lecture „Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Sciences" during the spring semester of the 1st year of your chemistry/biochemistry studies. The lecture schedule of both study programs allows this. To catch up on this lecture during the second year will be more difficult due to the lecture schedule (for further clarification please contact the administration office for pharmacy.

A change of study program ist still possible after the second year albeit some more effort.