Counseling for study program "Pharmaceutical Sciences"

You can find the most important information in the Studienplan für den Bachelor-Studiengang Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften vom 08.12.2022 (PDF, 818KB) and the Anhang zum geltenden Studienplan Pharmazie (PDF, 1016KB)

Further answers to frequent questions can be found on these sites: On Focus resp. FAQ.

Please also consult the helpful guide for studies of the University of Bern with lots of information and tips.

The administration office for pharmacy (Room S068) is not open every day. If you would like to get an appointment, please contact Ms Spörri in advance.

Short absences due to meetings, lunch break, participation at courses etc. are of course possible. Should you come to us from outside of Bern, we recommend you make sure in advance that Ms Spörri is available at the desired time.