Lectures and E-Learning

Important information on the topic KSL (or CTS; electronic course catalogue and grade management systems) and ILIAS (Internetplatform for lecture notes) can be found in the navigation menu on the left.

Lecture schedules and other overviews

Biochemistry, chemistry and pharmacy are all mono subjects, which means that the lecture schedule for all students of one study program looks the same with the exception of the electives. That is why we have put together a lecture schedule for each semester of a study program. In order to access the lecture schedules, please use the links to the factsheets that are listed further down.

On these websites we also point to a Digital Lecture Plan that is made available to you. It contains all mandatory lectures of a study program listed by semester and contains also links to the KSL-entries with the existing ILIAS-courses.

Also a list with suggestions of possible electives for both study programs in chemistry and biochemistry is provided under the respective factsheet. This list helps you to find electives that fit best into your schedule.

Furthermore, you find the registration forms for the lab courses of the bachelor programs under each study program factsheet.

The lists with the contents of all lectures of one study program is useful if you apply for example for a master's or PhD-program outside the University of Bern and detailed information about the attended courses has to be given. These lists are also posted under the respective study program factsheet.

Sustainable Development

One goal of the University of Bern is to integrate the topic of sustainable development into each single study program. Within the programs Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences this topic is discussed in various lectures with at least a double lecture. Courses that contain the topic sustainability have this shown in the title or the description of the course on CTS and they can be searched for accordingly in CTS.