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 Service Kontaktperson
Julien Furrer
Mass Spectrometry Stefan Schürch
Protein Analysis Stefan Schürch
Organic Elemental Analysis Stefan Schürch
Elemental Analysis Peter Broekmann
Radioanalytics Sönke Szidat
Solid State Chemistry Karl Krämer
Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Simon Grabowsky

For general questions, which are not related to a service contact (Julien Furrer).

Analytical Research and Services

  • Is a dynamic team of specialists at the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Bern
  • Has expertise in research and development of innovative analytical methods
  • Offers a comprehensive set of analytical methods to internal and external customers
  • Provides advice for solving complex analytical problems
  • Establishes custom-made solutions

These strengths you can count on

  • Scientifically supported consulting
  • Infrastructure and methodology in compliance with the latest scientific standards
  • Many years of practical experience in the field of analytical chemistry
  • Commitment to research and advancement of analytical methods and technologies
  • Guaranteed quality standard
  • Variety of special analyses
  • Flexibility